The Connection Between Sex And Marijuana

heterosexual couple having sexAlmost everyone has heard of the endless benefits of marijuana. It makes people more creative. It helps injured and sick people cope with their pains. It makes sex better. Wait! That last statement is new.

 Many people, even those who tout the therapeutic benefits of marijuana, do not realize how much marijuana helps couples in the bedroom. Marijuana helps to stimulate partners both mentally and physically.   

Marijuana already has developed a reputation for helping people relax. Relaxation is important in the bedroom. Sex is unenjoyable if both partners are not relaxed. Often times, people are so stressed by their days that they do not want to have sex. This is where marijuana can truly work miracles. Relaxation is the first step to stimulation.   

“The act of smoking can bond couples,” states Sophie Saint Thomas. One marijuana user states, “Having dated someone who smokes and doesn’t smoke, there is a bonding that occurs [when you smoke], the same way that people bond over drinks.” (Thomas 1).

Smoking marijuana can often be ritualistic. Sharing a ritual with a partner can be a spiritual experience. This is akin to going to a religious service or taking part in a religious ritual. Many people in our society are becoming less religious; therefore, marijuana use is the perfect ritual to bring couples together.  

In particular, marijuana helps women enjoy sex more. Recently, Dan Scotty wrote of a woman who was having trouble having an orgasm. This started after she began taking anti-depressants (Scotti 1). Scotti goes on to state that marijuana, wine, and half a Cialis pill helped this woman orgasm (1). For years, wine has been labeled as an aphrodisiac. The inclusion of marijuana and Cialis to her drinking wine is monumental.  

Perhaps marijuana’s ability to make the body more sensitive is its most sexually stimulating property. A SUNY researcher recently stated, “That CB1 receptor seems to be involved in improved tactile sensations and general euphoria” (1). CB1 receptors are activated by THC (1).  A stronger tactile response would help many people enjoy sex more.  

As our society has more stress and burdens, our sex lives will continue to become less satisfactory unless we make some changes. Using marijuana may be an answer to help couples reignite the passion that once existed in their relationships. With marijuana laws becoming increasingly lenient, more couples will be able to experiment with marijuana use before sex.  

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