Why Rescheduling Marijuana is Important in the Fight for Legalization

Marijuana advocates have seen drug laws change over the past twenty years. Several states have legalized weed, and many states have decriminalized weed. The federal government is now about to decide whether marijuana should be rescheduled or not. This is … Read More

An Update On Washington D.C.’s Legalization Policies

Last February, Washington D.C. became the first government on the East Coast to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Only Colorado and Washington had legalized marijuana beforehand, and Alaska had legalized marijuana that same day. As legalization has swept the country, … Read More

Why Marijuana is NOT a Gateway Drug

Most people who use or have used marijuana in the past already know that it doesn’t lead users down an inevitable path of harder drug use. However, the term is still applied as an argument against legalization. There are many … Read More

Falling Marijuana Arrests in Washington D.C.

It wasn’t very long ago that numerous marijuana-related arrests were regularly carried out in Washington D.C. However, this trend is on the downfall as every year, the number of marijuana arrests is greatly decreasing. An appalling statistic specific to Washington … Read More