Special Precautions & Warnings:

XSiGHT_Sydney_Pregnancy_3Pregnancy: Marijuana is UNSAFE when taken by mouth or smoked during pregnancy. Marijuana passes through the placenta and can slow the growth of the fetus. Marijuana use during pregnancy is also associated with childhood leukemia and abnormalities in the fetus.Breast­feeding: Using marijuana, either by mouth or by inhalation is LIKELY UNSAFE during breast­feeding. The dronabinol (THC) in marijuana passes into breast milk and extensive marijuana use during breast­feeding may result in slowed development in the baby. Heart disease: Marijuana might cause rapid heartbeat, short­term high blood pressure. It might also increase the risk of a having heart attack.


A weakened immune system: Cannabinoids in marijuana can weaken the immune system, which might make it more difficult for the body to fight infections.

Lung diseases: Long­term use of marijuana can make lung problems worse. Regular, long-term marijuana use has been associated with lung cancer and also with several cases of an unusual type of emphysema, a lung disease.reconstruction_surgery01

Seizure disorders: Marijuana might make seizure disorders worse in some people; in other people it might help to control seizures.

Surgery: Marijuana affects the central nervous system. It might slow the central nervous system too much when combined with anesthesia and other medications during and after surgery. Stop using marijuana at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery.