Marijuana Could Be The Key To Improving Your Relationship

Couple toasting wineglassesWhat would you say if you were told that marijuana could help your relationship? Many may point to how alcohol has ruined relationships and immediately refuse the claim.

Well, folks, studies have shown that marijuana helps relationships. From enhancing people’s sex drives to helping people get along, marijuana is the wild card many people seek to rejuvenate their relationships. Put aside your prejudices of alcohol, and keep an open mind.

Marijuana is a known aphrodisiac. A hit of weed here or there can surely put a person in the mood for love. In a recent interview, “Psychiatrist, Dr. Lester Grinspoon, told High Times that weed ‘greatly enhances the sexual experience for many people. There’s no doubt that when people are high, they’re more sensitive to their sexual feelings and urges’ ” (qtd. in Franciosi 1).

Many people are consumed with the stress of their daily routines. Weed could be the answer for helping people get in the mood.Marijuana not only mentally stimulates people but also physically stimulates people. Studies have shown that sex is more pleasurable while under the influence of marijuana.

Why is this? Franciosi states, “As a marijuana-loving man noted to NY Mag’s Maureen O’Connor, ‘Pot tends to make time move slowly for me. Orgasms seem to last for 30 seconds and are incredibly intense. The best orgasms I’ve ever had have been while stoned, whether with another person or solo’” (1). While this is a subjective claim made by one individual, it is worth noting that many people perceive time to be slower while they are high. Does this mean that everyone will have great orgasms while high? Not likely. However, many people may experience at least some degree of extra stimulation from marijuana.

Mario Favela wrote an excellent article about how marijuana has helped him get dates with women. Favella sates that marijuana can be used as litmus test to see if a woman is relaxed or not (1). He goes on to say that not everyone should use weed to help his or her game because some people become anxious from marijuana use.

People who do not get anxious, however, should use marijuana to help their efforts to get dates.
Whether you are in a new relationship or an old relationship, marijuana use has something to enhance your sex life and make intimacy more enjoyable.

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