Look Out! A Marijuana Festival Is Coming To Washington

Outdoor music festival crowdWatch out, Washington! A marijuana festival is coming to town. What does this mean? What are the rules? Who will be there?

This event will be to celebrate marijuana’s legal status in D.C.  According to the Washington Post, “Last February, a group of pot advocates and enthusiasts started plotting a cannabis festival focused on policy, not recreational use.”

Now, after more than a year of planning, the National Cannabis Festival is coming to D.C. on April 23. Held on the festival grounds at RFK Stadium, the full-day bash features De La Soul as the headlining act, with earlier performances by Jesse Royal, Congo Sanchez, Backyard Band and Nappy Riddem.

“The festival’s other components — an education pavilion and fairs dedicated to advocacy and vendors — make it clear the inaugural event isn’t only about cool music and good vibes. In partnership with more than 20 advocacy groups, the event celebrates the loosening of cannabis bans” (Codik 1).

It is crucial that this event takes place. D.C. used to be a place of draconian marijuana laws. Users would meet at street corners and bus stops, just for a natural product that should’ve never been illegal in the first place.

Today, acquiring marijuana is much safer, and the quality is better.
Even though marijuana is legal in D.C., purchasing marijuana is not. Congress has blocked the D.C. government’s attempts at regulating marijuana. Congress even threatened to throw D.C. mayor Bowser in jail if marijuana became regulated. The point is that these angry, conservative congressmen have problems that need to be resolved by a doctor- or a peace pipe.

Unfortunately, the festival will not allow smoking. Blaze420 knows the importance of marijuana use at public festivals. We can remember events such as the HFSetival, where anything went. Times were wild and fun. This festival may be tame.

At the moment, D.C. is working to regulate marijuana. This means that people over the age of 21 will be able to purchase marijuana for their enjoyment. Anyways, enjoy the festival and remember: the best is yet to come.

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