HighSpeed Has Found a Unique Method of Legal Marijuana Distribution

hgfcA year after Washington D.C.’s legalization of marijuana, the dearth of legal marijuana in the District is incredible.

Unlike Colorado and Washington, who have a plethora of dispensaries that provide weed, D.C. has no such dispensaries.

The shortage of marijuana dispensaries results from Congress’s effort to impede marijuana legalization.

To counteract this effort, certain businesses have found loopholes to sidestep the strict posturing by Congress. One such company is HighSpeed, a company that sells juice and provides marijuana.

This company is leading the charge to provide marijuana to the District.

HighSpeed is one of the first businesses in D.C. to distribute legal marijuana. While the company cannot sell the marijuana directly, HighSpeed has found a unique method of distribution that is legal.  The Washington Post’s Will Sommers states,

   “On HighSpeed’s website, would-be smokers pick a flavor of juice to be delivered, along with a set of codewords for pot. There’s ‘just juice,” which, despite its name, comes with a randomly selected amount of marijuana that runs around a gram. “Love” will earn customers an eighth of an ounce of marijuana, while “lots of love” comes with an amount described as “slightly larger than an eighth,’” (qtd. In Lopez 1).

According to German Lopez, the product that HighSpeed distributes is good. Moreover, the business model may be more responsible than some other current dispensary models are. Because HighSpeed is a small operation, it operates more responsibly than larger businesses (1). Often, companies can be the victims of their own successes. The obstacles that HighSpeed faces may serve to keep it a responsible company.

Like many businesses, HighSpeed has used creativity to profit and sidestep laws. This type of thinking is not unique to the marijuana industry. Corporations and executives often use loopholes to avoid taxes. Unfortunately, the government thinks that smoking and distribution marijuana on a small scale is more harmful than taking billions of tax dollars away.

The future of HighSpeed is uncertain. Even though HighSpeed has used a loophole to circumnavigate D.C.’s marijuana laws, HighSpeed may still be harassed and persecuted by either the federal or local government. Until the federal government legalizes marijuana, these crackdowns will continue.

The federal government, by use of force, has ignored the will of the people, stripping many people of their own volition.

2016 will likely be an important year for marijuana. Hopefully, the government reverses its attitude towards marijuana. Only after that will companies like HighSpeed truly thrive.

Lopez, German.  “This DC-based company sells juice and “gifts” marijuana on the side — and it may be legal.”  Vox, 05 Apr. 2016.  Web. 08 Apr. 2016.  http://www.vox.com/2016/4/5/11368438/marijuana-legalization-highspeed-juice

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