Curren$y on Hip-Hop, Oldies and Weed

Currensy-300x300The history of rap and hip-hop is steeped in weed. So it comes as no surprise that most rappers, even ones as famous as Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, and Lil Wayne have had enlightening experiences with marijuana and fronto leaves.

Hip hop’s connection with marijuana was recently highlighted in an interview with ChehadeThe King on Dash Radio.

Curren$y, is a local rap hero from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Being one of the original members of Lil Wayne’s label, Young Money Entertainment meant that Curren$y was brought up at the altar of hip hop greatness.

In a recent interview on Dash Radio, New Orleans, the rapper reminisced about smoking with Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne, his first cigarette experience, and his personal rolling tips.

Curren$y remembered quickly reprimanding Wiz Khalifa after he tried to smoke a Swisher Sweet cigar in front of him. Curren$y said, “My little brother was smoking swishas and I was like ‘Man, not in my house. Bruh, check it out. Let’s do this. Grind that shit up and put it in this and just taste—Yougon’ taste the weed.”

He then recalled his conversion to smoking a fronto leaf to remove the taste of weed from the blunts he would smoke.

As for Curren$y’s personal fronto leaf rolling tips, he suggests his favorite method by following two simple steps:

  • Make sure the leaf is moist enough to bend without being dry enough to crack.
  • Cut the wrap from the leaf along the veins of the plant. Make sure you don’t tear across the veins of the leaf!

Aside from rolling tips and his first encounters with the fronto leaf, Curren$y also shared his childhood memories of growing around epic music that wasn’t hip-hop.

His particular favorites growing up were Counting Crows and Jeffrey Osborne. When asked where he picked up his love of the genre, Curren$y said, “My mom and dad. That’s where I got all the oldies from. They just cleaned the house and played oldies all day.”

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