HighSpeed Has Found a Unique Method of Legal Marijuana Distribution

A year after Washington D.C.’s legalization of marijuana, the dearth of legal marijuana in the District is incredible. Unlike Colorado and Washington, who have a plethora of dispensaries that provide weed, D.C. has no such dispensaries. The shortage of marijuana … Read More

A New Line Of Marijuana Products Being Created By Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg has many distinct achievements. She has had a successful acting career. She has been an outspoken talk show host. Now, she is a marijuana advocate and a marijuana entrepreneur. While this may come as a surprise to many … Read More

Why Marijuana is NOT a Gateway Drug

Most people who use or have used marijuana in the past already know that it doesn’t lead users down an inevitable path of harder drug use. However, the term is still applied as an argument against legalization. There are many … Read More

2015 Year In Marijuana

 It was a great year for marijuana; according to one article, polls now indicate that at  least 58% of Americans approve the legalization of cannabis.  However, legalization efforts remain stymied by cumbersome federal laws in the  banking industry and scrutiny from conservatives who can’t shake the “evil weed”  propaganda, in addition to the plant’s classification as a Schedule 1 controlled  substance which equates it’s destructive power over the human brain on par with  cocaine and heroin with no known medical benefit, thus inhibiting federally funded  studies which would provide much-needed research into both the benefits and risks of  cannabis consumption.     Important highlights from the past year:    By the end of 2016, the United States will have a new president. Become an  informed voter and check out some candidates’ stance on legalization first published  here :    ●Bernie Sanders introduced a bill in the Senate that would end all federal  penalties for possession and growing of marijuana, solidifying his position as the  most pro-legalization candidate.  ●Chris Christie says if he were president he’d start enforcing federal law, thereby  reversing any state-level legalization.  ●Hillary Clinton called for a rescheduling of the drug, taking it out of a category  including heroin and other substances considered to have no medical benefits.  She is a proponent of letting the states that have legalized recreational marijuana  serve as testing grounds before considering broader legalization.  ●Jeb Bush maintains that it’s a state issue but that he would have voted no if he  had been in Colorado at the time of the election.  ●Donald Trump agrees with Bush that marijuana decisions should be left to  individual states, and he is a proponent of the drug for medical uses.    In addition, Ohio voted against legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana  in 2015, but the main opposition appears to be the language in the bill that effectively  allowed only a small number of individual growers to operate in the state, which would  have handed a significant advantage to those lucky/rich enough to get in on the ground  floor of the legislation.     Medical Marijuana  Researchers … Read More

Falling Marijuana Arrests in Washington D.C.

It wasn’t very long ago that numerous marijuana-related arrests were regularly carried out in Washington D.C. However, this trend is on the downfall as every year, the number of marijuana arrests is greatly decreasing. An appalling statistic specific to Washington … Read More

Will DC be the next jurisdiction to legalize recreational marijuana dispensaries?

Legal recreational marijuana dispensaries in DC? DC may well be on its way to legalizing recreational marijuana dispensaries, but the road isn’t completely cleared yet.  An anti-marijuana stance remains a common theme for Congressional conservatives and as elections grow closer, … Read More

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