Celebrities Becoming More Open About Marijuana Use

Millions of Americans have smoked marijuana since it became popular in the 1960’s. In fact, marijuana use is so prevalent that it has become ingrained in pop culture. Going back to the 50’s, many celebrities have used marijuana. At first, … Read More

Shortage Of Medical Marijuana In DC

What happens when there is a shortage of medicine? If a shortage of traditional painkillers, antidepressants, or mood stabilizers occurred, a public outrage would ensue. Recently, a shortage of medical marijuana occurred in Washington D.C. Why did this happen? Where … Read More

Where Is The Legalization Of Marijuana Heading In 2016?

In the past twenty years, America’s marijuana laws have drastically changed. While recreational marijuana use is legal in only four states- Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, and Washington- and Washington D.C., sixteen states have decriminalized marijuana, giving only a ticket for possession. … Read More

The VA’s Medical Marijuana Policy May Be Changing

The VA’s medical marijuana policy may do an about face. Twenty years after California became the first state to allow medical marijuana, the VA may follow California’s and twenty-three other states’ footsteps. Studies have shown that medical marijuana helps patients … Read More

The Blunt Joke: D.C. Creates New Website to Educate Youth on the Dangers of Pot

Ever since D.C. legalized marijuana, a lot of misinformation has been flying around from people on both sides of the debate. Some studies show an adverse effect on the brain from smoking marijuana and some studies show little to no … Read More

D.C.’s Gift Giving Policy on Marijuana

In a surprising twist of events, the Washington Post reported that the D.C. Council voted to allow pot smoking at rooftop bars, sidewalk cafes and other places, but after practically begging the council to reconsider, the mayor convinced the City … Read More

Why Marijuana is NOT a Gateway Drug

Most people who use or have used marijuana in the past already know that it doesn’t lead users down an inevitable path of harder drug use. However, the term is still applied as an argument against legalization. There are many … Read More

D.C. Lawmakers Consider Extending the Ban On Marijuana Use in Private Businesses

Washington DC voters legalized marijuana in 2014, but Congress withheld funding which effectively blocked the city from adopting regulations on buying and selling marijuana, which remains illegal. Then in March, the city council passed the law forbidding smoking cannabis in … Read More

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