A New Way to Enjoy Cannabis

chamomile-829538_960_720Often, people look for new ways to enjoy their favorite leisurely activities. Cannabis users are no different than anyone else.

With the advent of new consumption methods for marijuana, cannabis users no longer need to rely on the old-fashioned means of ingestion, smoking. New means of consumption include tinctures, edibles, vapors, and teas.

These cutting-edge methods of marijuana use allow people to enjoy marijuana even if they do not enjoy smoking. In particular, marijuana tea appeals to a more refined crowd. Several different methods are used to brew marijuana tea, and tea drinkers can choose from a variety of tea flavors.

At a party in D.C. recently, Atlantic reporter Olga Khazan reported about the thriving tea culture in the District. According to Khazan, the party attracted an upscale crowd. Ben-David Sheppard states, “The beverages will appeal to ‘grandmothers and aunts who would never smoke, but would love a cup of tea'” (qtd. in Khazan).

Even though marijuana is legal in D.C., transactions involving marijuana remain illegal. This complex situation makes business difficult for marijuana tea retailers and other marijuana retailers as well. Currently, D.C. residents need a marijuana prescription to purchase marijuana, severely limiting the available customer base for the marijuana industry.

Marijuana tea recipes are easily found on the internet and are also spread by word-of-mouth. When asked about a recipe for marijuana tea, an anonymous source was more than happy to share her knowledge about the subject.

According to the anonymous source, one of the main benefits of marijuana tea is that it does not have to be smoked. She also stated that the tea is great for pain management and has many therapeutic properties.
The anonymous source also disclosed her method for brewing marijuana tea. The first step is to have the marijuana infused into a substance with a high fat content, like butter.

Vegan options for the tea include coconut oil and chocolate. She then heats the butter or oil and strains the butter well when she is done, producing a dark-green butter. After finishing the marijuana butter or oil, she brews either chai or black tea.

When the tea is done brewing, she adds one tablespoon of butter to the tea. Some people prefer to mask the taste of the marijuana tea with spices or honey, but she prefers the tea to retain the marijuana taste.

As marijuana laws continue to become more relaxed, new and innovative ways to enjoy cannabis will continue to surface. In the meantime, marijuana tea provides a nice, smoke-free way to enjoy cannabis.

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