Maryland Launches Medical Marijuana Program

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Medical marijuana is approved in MD and everyone wants a piece of the pie…or brownie, depending on how you plan on using it. Medical cannabis can be administered using a variety of methods, including vaporizing or smoking dried buds, eating extracts, taking capsules or using oral sprays.
Baltimore County is the first jurisdiction in MD to put zoning into place for medical marijuana, opening up a new revenue stream for the county. The passing of the bill was unanimous in September of this year.
Many business owners in Baltimore are excited about a new revenue stream, and the possibility of it bringing more money into the city and more people to the businesses.
There have been some rules put into place as to where the dispensaries cannot be operated, as in not within 500 feet of a school district, which should hopefully allow some of the residents not satisfied with the outcome of the passed bill, some small measure of relief.
The total number of licenses to be issued per Senate district is only two, and the locations for these licenses at this point is unknown.
As of November 6th, hundreds of people have already applied to grow, process and dispense medical marijuana. Now that the deadline to apply passed last Friday, it’s mostly a waiting game. The name of the game that is being played is called, “Money, Money, Money”.
Medical marijuana is a major source of revenue for any company approved, and a number of large corporations have expressed a serious interest, one company to the tune of 45,000 page of materials, personally carried on a flight from Arizona.
The commission stated that it had processed more than 300 applications to cultivate, and dispense medical cannabis, with the final decisions being made towards the spring and summer of 2016. The application process is extensive, Maryland seems to leave no stone unturned in the “how high can you jump” application process.
By the time medical marijuana is actually legal to grow and dispense, will recreational marijuana be legal in the state? If not, it’s likely not far behind.
In other news, a recent paper published in the journal Biotechnology Letters, biochemists in Germany announced their success in using a genetically engineered strain of yeast to synthesize (THC), the main component in marijuana.
The feat could possibly help improve the lives of countless people by offering a cheap and reliable source of medical THC. It could be some time before any sort of product, once created, makes it to the USA.

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