DC 4/20 Events-The Significance of 4/20 in the Marijuana Community

Marijuana -April 20th

Events on 4/20

Must Do! List of things to do in DC Metro Area for 4/20

9am-4pm Overgrow the Government’s D.C. National 4/20 March Rally, Concert and Cash Hyde Day

11am-4pm Vote 4-20 Concert National Mall between 3rd and 4th streets NW

Ghion Lounge, located at 1112 U St NW, DC420 will feature a line-up of 12 bands, headlined by Barren Girls, and a medley of DJs. The event will be held from 2 p.m. until 2 a.m. Tickets are $10 advance / $15 door.

Today is April 20th and this year is different than recent years. We have made great strides in legalizing this amazing plant. For many people, April 20th has always been a reason to celebrate and this year even more so.Far and wide, marijuana advocates and users light up, smoke, and enjoy the pleasant ritual of getting high.

Many marijuana users do not reflect on the meaning of 420. Although many extravagant myths exist surrounding the meaning of 420, the true origin of 420 is less spectacular.

Some of the myths surrounding the origins of 420 are amusing, and some are disturbing.

One myth states that 420 is a police code for marijuana use, however, this has been disproved. Another myth states that 420 symbolizes Hitler’s birthday. This myth is perhaps the most disturbing.

Most marijuana users do not celebrate Hitler’s birthday. For many, marijuana use promotes love, not hate.

420 has much more benign and simple origins that the previously stated myths assume. According to Ryan Grim, “The origin of 420 had nothing to do with a police code, though the San Rafael part was dead-on.

A group of five San Rafael High School friends known as the Waldos — by virtue of their chosen hangout spot, a wall outside the school — coined the term in 1971” (1). The fact that a group of high school students coined a term that has become so established in our culture is amazing.

The term 420 did not become marijuana’s most-known moniker overnight. The Waldos were acquaintances with the Grateful Dead, who had a significant influence on all things counterculture. After the term spread to the Dead, High Times ran a story on the term 420 in 1991 (1). This story propelled the moniker to international recognition. Now everyone, marijuana users and non-marijuana users, know the meaning of 420.

A moniker is not reason alone to celebrate. These days, marijuana consumption has become much healthier than it was in the past. With the advent of vaporizers, edibles, tinctures, teas, and topicals, marijuana can be consumed without the harmful tar that comes with smoke inhalation (Florio 1).

Tinctures may be the safest way the consume marijuana. Edibles and drinks are safe, too; however, many people wish to avoid sugar, which is often a product used for marijuana recipes.

For many of us, however, smoking marijuana is still the way to go. Funnels, a tobacco leaf company, has an instructional video that explains how to roll a cigar, or in this case a blunt.Follow Along  See the video below, and FOLLOW ALONG HERE for step by step instructions.

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